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  • Bots Are the Next Big Thing

    The easiest way to have personalized conversations with customers
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    Reach customers

    Interact with consumers in the messaging apps they already use. More than 1.4B people use messaging apps per month.

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    Reduce Friction

    Chatbots provide a rich experience without downloading yet another app.

    Respond Immediately

    AI-driven bots respond immediately 24 x 7. Customers can access when and where it’s convenient.

    Lumin gives you “AI as a Service”

    Optimized for Texting

    Optimized for Texting

    Lumin was built specifically for natural language understanding of text messages. We understand bad grammar, abbreviations, and texting slang.

    Conversational Commerce

    Conversational Commerce

    Bots can drive a conversation flow to collect all required information to complete a transaction – but allows the user to provide details in any order.

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    Complete Control

    You have full control over your bot’s personality and responses. Your bot will reinforce your brand attributes.

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    Cross Platform

    Bots can be designed to run on multiple platforms. You can tailor the experience to match the unique capabilities of each platform.

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    Lumin integrates with internal systems to access user profile and purchase history. Customers will feel like they are chatting with an old friend.

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    Hand off to humans

    Lumin can detect complex issues that should be escalated to human customer support reps.

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